Mehrez+Krema is an Egyptian company dedicated to the design and manufacturing of furniture and decoration elements that are marked by owning a unique flavour of tradition. The designs of Mehrez+Krema adopt a variety of styles; namely The Ancient Egyptian, Islamic, Folkloric, Calligraphic, Ethnic, Neo Classic, Art Deco, and Mythology. Mixing each of these styles with an aspect of modernity; we reach a formula of quality, practicality, and creativity, as well as cost effectiveness.

In compliance with the company’s care for providing harmony in its customers’ homes, Mehrez+Krema also offers selectively imported lighting items and is in the phase of launching its new lighting design and production line in cooperation with specialized local factories.

By offering solutions that suit nowadays living spaces and comply with global trends; Mehrez+Krema’s designs target the intellectuals of the high class sector; mostly newlyweds, who are aware of ongoing trends and seek the simplicity of modernity while appreciating the essence of tradition and creative value in design.


Presenting designs that maintain the flavour of tradition with its aesthetic value; while satisfying the needs of modern spaces is our core mission. Through our commitment to quality of production while maintaining reasonable pricing; we aim at supporting newlyweds who care for beauty in their homes.


We’ll never stop exploring to know what the world has to offer in furniture design, and we’ll keep experimenting and improving both our design and production directions. Going on with our plan for achieving geographical spreading; we aim at opening more and more showrooms that bring us closer and more available to current and future customers. After covering Cairo’s hot spots, we aim at opening in Alexandria and expanding outside of Egypt.


The context of Mehrez+Krema’s designs is based on combining innovation of ideas with the richness of natural materials and finishes while introducing the colors of modernity according to world wide trends.
In compliance with these trends, our designs have an orientation towards modernity, but still maintain the flavor of tradition which has for long acknowledged the designs of Khaled Mehrez and Hanan Krema in the furniture market. In our own view, we perceive furniture as artistic sculpture communicating with the habitant and the surrounding environment; exceeding the boundaries of its functionality to create its own eye-catching beauty. For every design, we create a special character and selectively combine aspects of color, texture and beauty proportions with an attention to detail and a cost effective value. The long experience of Mehrez and Krema makes this possible!
One of the pillars of our philosophy is our dedication and commitment which we believe always pay back. Our integrity with our clients and our positive after sales relations are core values at Mehrez+Krema.

Organizational Structure

The core concept behind Mehrez+Krema is based on the entity of the owners being designers, whose designs are transformed into reality at Mehrez+Krema’s factory. The design aspect and the realization of it thus form Mehrez+Krema’s 1st establishment; “House of Design & Furniture Industry”. These furniture items reach the end customers through a set of showrooms and different exhibitions; which are handled by a group of professional designers who resolve customers’ requests and transfer them to the factory for tailored production. These showrooms and all relevant selling and customer related departments compile under the management of Mehrez+Krema’s 2nd entity; “Mehrez+Krema Furniture Trade Company”..

Mehrez+Krema’s Factory

Located at Badr Industrial City; Mehrez+Krema’s factory stretches over 8000 square meters of production area; hosting different departments; each having its specific role in the production cycle. Equipped with state of the art machinery and equipment; our factory excels in achieving production in competitive timelines and with precision of details and quality of craftsmanship that exceed expectations.

In addition there is a new warehouse building located at Badr Industrial City stretches over 6600 square meters.

Always seeking to develop our production techniques, we utilize the CNC technology which applies several production processes consequently through one machine; hence saving time and easing the possibility of creating special details. Our UV painting line which isn’t very commonly used in Egypt; guarantees high quality toning and finishing. This is added to our central waste disposal system; which saves both our labour’s health and the environment in general. Our direction towards development also targets the rate of our factory production; raising it from the current rate of 100 various rooms per month to exceed 150 monthly rooms in the near future.

Through the new Mehrez+Krema lighting line, launched mid 2017; specialized collaborating factories execute Mehrez+Krema’s lighting designs in compliance with the specifications we provide. The lighting products are reviewed at our factory for quality checks through the different phases of production; and finally retrieved again for assembly..

Mehrez+Krema Furniture Trade Company

Located at Obour Buildings, Salah Salem, this company is the means to have customers’ wishes fulfilled. Customers browsing designs that are exhibited at our showrooms or in our catalogue are free to request changes of colours, materials, veneers, or dimensions. According to customers’ space requirements and preferences; our furniture designers edit the designs and transfer them to the factory to check the possibility of requested changes, estimate expenses, purchase materials, and apply the production of the customers’ tailored designs. Naturally, this is the company also responsible for managing our furniture and lighting showrooms and the selective process for the imported lighting items.

Mehrez+Krema’s Showrooms

Always seeking to be closer to customers, Mehrez+Krema has seven showrooms in different areas of Cairo; namely New Cairo (Downtown Mall – Cairo Festival City), Mohandeseen, 6th of October city (Mall of Egypt), City Centre Almaza Mall and the “Lighting Showroom” in City Stars Mall and Heliopolis. This is added to the company’s future plans for spreading outside of Cairo and opening more “Lighting Showrooms” in the near future.

Mehrez+Krema’s Strategies

Furniture Is…
In our own view, we perceive furniture as artistic sculpture communicating with the habitant and the surrounding environment. We believe that every furniture piece should exceed the boundaries of its functionality to create its own eye-catching beauty. So, for every design, we create a special character and selectively combine aspects of colour, texture and beauty proportions with an attention to detail and without negligence of cost effectiveness and practicality.
Dedication Pays Back:
Putting profits aside, we simply believe that every human being who loves his work and is seriously dedicated to it, with utmost integrity; will be paid back unexpectedly in life. This dedication to our work and integrity with our clients is in our human nature at Mehrez+Krema.
Target Segment:
By specifying our target segment as intellectual newlyweds and analysing their preferences and the requirements of their living spaces as well as financial capabilities and cultural backgrounds; we achieve balance in our designs between luxury, uniqueness, and cost effectiveness.
Customer Service:
Through our effective communication with our customers; we reach practical solutions and tailor our designs to fit in perfectly – dimension and design wise – within their homes; even offering consultation for other interior works such as textiles and wall solutions. Our long run after-sales relations guarantee that we are always there for our customers; following up with queries and complaints whenever present with utmost care and offering an extra service of maintenance till up to 10 years from selling our products.
We commit to both industry specifications and our customers’ demands; likewise our commitment to the contracted two to three months delivery time. We hence guarantee the professional outcome of our designs and our customers’ satisfaction.
Market Presence:
By contributing to all of the important furniture fairs in Egypt; namely Le Marche, Furnex, La Casa, and Home Design Show, we collect feedback from our customers which we take seriously in consideration through our upcoming designs. Our visits and actual contributions to furniture fairs abroad; as in Italy, France and Dubai, broadens the aspects of feedback we acquire and allows us to maintain our international style.

Importance of Manpower:

At Mehrez+Krema, we always seek to maintain the level of professionalism in our staff; be they designers, engineers, sales, labour, or administrative personnel. Their loyalty towards seeking our continuous advancement is likewise met by our care for adding to their skills and experience and maintaining their presence as part of the Mehrez+Krema family; which explains why manpower safety is an integral part of our factory policy.

The History of Mehrez+Krema

The creative story behind Mehrez+Krema goes back to the year 2001, when Dr. Khaled Mehrez founded his furniture design company under the name “Mehrez-Egyptian Style”; specializing in ancient Egyptian and Art Deco designs. Between furniture, textiles, and lighting; the company catered to both the residential and hospitality sectors and was soon acknowledged for its authentic Egyptian identity. In 2005.

wife – Dr. Hanan Krema – founded her own furniture company and showcased her designs under the brand name “Krema”, which boasted Islamic art and Egyptian folklore presented in a modern fashionable context. Krema’s designs experimented with new textures and colours, as well as the art of calligraphy, which branded the company’s designs in the furniture market in Egypt ever since.

Sharing one creative design house and utilizing the same factory; the harmonious fusion of style and talent between both brands was inevitable. So in 2012, the long experiences of Mehrez and Krema joined to form a complete picture of authentic design under one name: “Mehrez+Krema”. This merging which was both spontaneous and logical came out to be a unique formula of artistic creativity; where both designers collaborate towards presenting new aspects of innovation every year; setting the trends for authentic furniture design in Egypt.

Since it had been in the corporate strategy from the very beginning, to offer an inclusive style; providing furniture designs that are complimented by a huge variety of miscellaneous decorative items; the company had also established a deal with a specialized lighting trade company in 2014 to offer lighting items through our different showrooms.

Mid 2017, we announced the launch of our new lighting trade line; featuring imported designs that are selectively ordered by the company from abroad to match our own authentic style. For even further authenticity, we’ve announced our lighting design and production line in collaboration with specialized local factories.